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Popular areas in London and why to visit them



This is the epicentre for the country's Royal and Political life. You can find some of the must-see attractions like the official home of the Queen, Buckingham Palace and the Houses of Parliament, the seat of government and the iconic Big Ben. 

City of London

This is the original part of London which was founded by the Romans in 43 AD. Walking around today, it is a jungle of skyscrapers as it is the no. 1 financial district in the world. The juxtaposition of old and new couldn't be more evident in this part of London being surrounded by people in suits rushing off to meetings before turning the corner into a dark alleyway and feeling like you're in Dickensian London. 

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Mayfair is one of the most upmarket areas of London with a history of well to do residents. However there is always an underworld waiting to be uncovered.


Known as Shakespeare's London was it houses the rebuilt Globe Theatre. This was once a rowdy, fun-filled area the other side of the Thames from the strict rules of the City of London. It was a place for cock-fighting, bear baiting, drinking and everything in between. 




This part of London once had cheap rent which enticed artists to flock here giving Shoreditch a bohemian feel to it. But long before they moved in, it had a long standing tradition for immigration, particularly of French huguenots, jews and muslims. Today it is one of the best places in London to see street art by some of the biggest names like Banksy, Jimmy C and Oysch.  


Once the red light district of London, soho has a history of debauchery and a rock 'n' roll lifestyle.




With beautiful architecture and a heritage for the navy and astronomy, Greenwich has much to offer like the Cutty Sark (the fastest tea clipper to feed our appetite for tea leaves from China) the Royal Naval Hospital, Queen's house (a royal "cottage" that played host to marquee balls and parties) and the Royal Observatory.


Camden is known for its markets, canals and music venues with artists such as Amy Winehouse coming from here. 

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